Listen for Yourself - Scott Maxwell Explains His Xenophobic Radio Show

Now that Maxwell is once again running for office, it is important the people are informed about the views he espoused on his radio show...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Verbatim Bigotry from Scott Maxwell

Here are some verbatim quotes from his radio shows, at  Maxwell has since taken the archives down, but before he did we transcribed parts of his show.  We welcome Scott Maxwell to re-open the archives so his constituents can hear for themselves what he espouses.

7/30/09 “Open Discussion”

“We cant sit back and think someone else is going to do the job for us…..there is alot of fine organizations out there. In fact, I will even put a pitch in for our website where you can find all these wonderful organizations. Go to, you’ll find organizations such as FAIR, Numbers USA, etc…who will be happy to stear you in the right direction and give you some advice…”

“This is the number one important thing. If they shove amnesty down our throats we are in big big trouble.”

“Were gonna have to get out there and we are gonna effect a change, your gonna have to go to your local councils and get those folks out, go to your county commission and get those folks out….and make sure they are representing the needs of us first, and not the needs of other people….”

6/18/09 Scott Maxwell on “Anchor Babies”

Responding to a news article about 150 children asking Obama to halt to deportation of their parents until Congress overhauls immigration laws… the parents who came to the U.S. before 1996 Immigration changes made it more difficult for their parents to become legal residents.

Maxwell says "Its very disturbing and I know we have talked about this before, the idea that, when folks are caught up in deportation process, they have come to this country illegally and they have children, often times they come here intentionally to have children and then they use these children as human shields. They use these children as some kind of a barrier and excuse as to why they should not be re-patrioted and go back to their native homeland……I think it is un-believable egregious that the court system would even entertain these types of discussions, these are folks that broke our laws, that are in contempt of our laws, knowing they were breaking our laws and they have the audacity to use their children as pawns….. You can not be lower than that in life….to use them (children) in this matter…There is a penalty for breaking our laws and that penalty would be that you absolutely have to take your children with you and dont make them a burden of the state or a burden of the United States”

“(Immigration) This is wrecking out economy, its ripping away our social structure, , its pitting people against each other that normally would not be pitted against each other, o.k its breaking down our cultural tollerance for one another, you know because there is alot of folks that really believe at the end of the day that they are going to be at the top of the heap and were gonna do things the way they want it to be done.”

“If we value our American way of life, if we value what our founding fathers sacrificed so much to give us, then we need to step up 240 years after the fact and do the very same thing for future generations of Americans”

Scott Maxwell speaks with the Minute Men, a racist, anti-immigrant militia group:

“Its been a long time my friends, this is Bill up here in Haines City with the MInute Men. Your right on spot tonight and I enjoy listening to your show as much as I can get in here and do it. One thing that a lot of listeners need to understand that it takes them to get up and going to their county commissioner and things like that . You know and i know our trip to Washington up to Tallahassee and all that and we accomplished alot but we dont feel like we accomplished enough. If people would get together and go to their local county commissioners…..It takes pressure of every county commissioner, city commissioner and talking to them…I am paying your taxes, their sending the money back home…..”

Scott Maxwell response to Bill with the Minute Men:

“I think your absolutely right, I know you have spent time in Washington, I’ve been to Washington have spent time in Tallahassee more times that I want to admit….you hit it right on the head, what we need to be doing, each of us…is to let everbody know, don’t worry about the guys from Tallahassee and don’t worry about the guys from Washington, their gonna do what they wanna do, they have proven that over and over again. The impact that can be made is in your local communities and when you sit down with your local councilmen and commissioner and you look them in the eye and say this is what I want you to do, its a heck of lot easier to get their attention….Bill I am gonna let you go, thank you so much for calling….take care Bill.

“Stay up to date on this tragic American crisis”

6/11/09 “General”

“You can not continue to keep throwing out excuses and morally, what’s the word I am looking for….it’s moral blackmail, its all it is, its moral blackmail that is the best way I can explain it. And to hold the American people… that somehow your inhumane because you have strong feelings about protecting our borders, protecting our economy, protecting our culture, our social structure, our culture and our language and everything else. You know I have a problem with that.”

Scott Maxwell on the ACLU:

“You hear this stuff all the time, your getting sued because you cant open up a Day Laborer Center…..Organizations like the ACLU and some of these other radical organizations who make a living, who profit from controversy who profit from this type of situation are all too willing to run to the courthouse and extort financial gain from local governments and individuals and organizations."

The Show Intro:

“There is no secret that the tens of millions of illegal immigrants that have entered our country in defiance of our laws continue to drain limited resources, strain our already crippled economy and all but hijacked our political processes. In the next hour learn how this is happening, where this is happening and why this is happening…..with your host Scott Maxwell.”


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